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About Us

Who We Are

Global Society for Supply Chain Professional (GSSCP) is the pioneering initiative for the communication platform with more than 500 Professionals representing over 270 Organizations across the industry, intended to achieve top notch-networking hub for the country’s supply value chain professionals by offering a one-stop solution with advanced resources for the members and organization it’s partnered with. Starting the footsteps on 19 December 2017 with the courage and endeavor of 16 Masterminders, GSSCP is the pioneering initiative for the communication platform among the supply value chain community in Bangladesh.

Our primary objective is to focus on digital transformation and collaboration to improve skills of existing as well as to develop future supply value chain professionals by offering multi-diversified activities including but not limited to seminars, workshop, training and development programs, and networking events etc.  

GSSCP hopes for a prominent role in planning low cost and least time transactions of all categories of manufacturers, retailers, shippers, and end users. For portraying a reliable name in the industry GSSCP looks for building and developing young professionals in the supply chain industry by providing academic consultancy, membership, workshop, and seminars.

GSSCP is happy to welcome you to the best practice and knowledge floor for supply chain management.

Vision & Mission Of GSSCP

Our vision is to create a nationwide global standard network of Supply Chain Professionals and organizations partnered with, to achieve success by offering one stop solution with advanced resources for the members to represent future Bangladesh.

GSSCP exists to –

Provide networking opportunities for members to communicate in order to develop and improve their supply chain management skills.

Offer a resourceful point of vendor directory to members for efficient sourcing.

Identify scope and conduct research based solution that add value in the field of supply chain theory and everyday practice.

Create awareness and events to earn significance of supply chain to business and to the economy.

Develop members through offering Effective education and learning tool.