Value Added Tax-VAT & A Secret of Nonverbal Communication: Empower Yourself

Value Added Tax (VAT) Contents:

  • Principles of VAT;
  • VAT registration & Turnover Tax Enlistment;
  • The imposition of VAT, SD, & Turnover Tax;
  • Manner of VAT collection;
  • Net Payable & Payment;
  • VAT Documents-Invoice & Books of Records;
  • VAT Return preparation, correction & submission;
  • VAT credit adjustment-carry forward and refund;
  • VAT authority;
  • Assessment, Audit, and Investigation;
  • Appeals and Revision;
  • VAT due collection by govt-recovery of arrear Tax;
  • Penalty-Offence, Trial, Punishment;
  • Withholding VAT compliance- deduction, deposit, reporting, and penalty;
  • Mushak agent travel agent and tour operator;
  • Practical examples/ case studies;
  • Miscellaneous- VAT form & others.
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