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Recent Events:

Dear Respected Members, We are delighted to announce our NEXT. Yes, this time we are going to arrange a day long workshop titled as: “Value Added Tax-VAT (VAT Laws with budget updates FY 2019, Applications in day to day practical issues in Business, VAT Return, and Procedures & Guidelines of MUSHAK 6.3). AND A Secret […]

The Big Show in the city is here. For the first time ever, GSSCP is coming up with the opportunity to mingle with 300 supply value chain professionals at Sky Ballroom of Le Meridien on 28 June 2019. It’s an Invitee only event, specially designed for GSCCP premium members. The event is not just limited […]

Dear Respected Members, We are delighted to announce our NEXT. Last grab before the Holy Month of Ramadan. Yes this time we are going to arrange a day long workshop titled as “GSSCP Workshop on Personal Leadership, Bonded Warehouse and Cash Incentive ” on 03 May 2019 at KIB. The personal leadership will be conducted […]

The GSSCP family of more than 500 members representing over 250 organizations is growing every day, so do the demand of the members for further NEXT… We are delighted to announce our NEXT. Yes this time we are going to arrange a day long workshop titled as “GSSCP Workshop on Efficient Use of Six Sigma […]

We are delighted to announce our NEXT Adda session on Supply Chain. This time the most vital Issue on L/C. Yes, covering Proforma Invoice, Documentation and Customs Duty calculation.  GSSCP Adda is open for all who love to exchange thier thought through constructive debate and collaboration.  But limits until the last seat.  Mr Rabiul Islam […]

GSSCPians! Who’s the NEXT.. Yes,We are looking for the NEXT… Let’s color your work station with GSSCP Attire. Capture your portrait with GSSCP provided T-Shirt in your Office and share it in our Facebook Event page with Hash Tag #GSSCP_WORKPLACE. Your post will be verified through Us. Please upload your Portrait in the below link […]

We are honored to have you with GSSCP by sharing, caring and thus taking part to develop the Supply Value Chain Community. We are delighted to invite you in our upcoming Meet up Family session with following details. Register GSSCP Meetup November Event: GSSCP Meetup November Date: 02 November 2018 Time: 04pm-07pm Venue: The Olives […]

GSSCP is proud to announce knowledge sharing Adda on Supply Chain Management. Selective members will be participating in the session, where GSSCP in house resources will share their real field technical experience on different vital SCM terms through an open ended interactive environment. Let’s see you GSSCPians! with a cup of EFFICIENCY in the series […]