Before going to discuss in details, please let me explain the meaning of MAWB and HAWB. MAWB means Master Air Waybill and the HAWB means House Air Waybill.

Definition of Master Air Waybill-(MAWB)

One of the first discussions about Master Air Waybill is one kinds of transport document. Which is the proof of receipt for goods from the shipper and issued by the air carrier. Also, we can identify Master waybills as an airline air waybill, with pre-printed issuing carrier identification. Air Waybill also referred to as a consignment note or waybill dispatch note etc.
The document acts as a form of proof that the cargo has been received from the shipper. The MAWB can also re-present a contract that the carrier has been undertaken that obligates to deliver the cargo to a specified location.

For Example:
Let’s Explain Mars Freight Bangladesh forwarder acts as a carrier legally accepts cargo from an exporter GSSCP agreeing to deliver cargo to APICS at Chicago. Mars Freight Bangladesh issues Airway bill to GSSCP on receipt of goods after necessary export customs formalities. Mars Freight Bangladesh after receiving goods from GSSCP transfers goods to Alliance Air Freight who is main carrier of goods. As a matter while transferring goods to Alliance Air Freight, Mars Freight Bangladesh obtains an airway bill from main carrier Alliance Air Freight agreeing to deliver cargo at Chicago. Here, the airway bill issued by Mars Freight Bangladesh to GSSCP is called house airway bill and the air way bill issued by Alliance Air Freight to Mars Freight Bangladesh called Master airway bill.

Definition of House Air Waybill-(HAWB)

Now comes to the HAWB issued by the freight forwarder as a proof of receipt for cargo. HAWB also characterizes a contract for carriage. Process of shipping goods from the consignee to forwarder. On receipt of the goods from the consignee, the forwarder issues the HAWB.

The HAWB isn’t a document of title to the goods. Hereafter, HAWB is a non-negotiable document. HAWB carry two numbers on HAWB, one is on the top of left side, that eleven digits. Its MAWB number and another number one is on the top of right site. It’s the HAWB number. HAWB number is always different from one freight forwarder company to others company. HAWB and MAWB both are transport documents.

Let see the Master Air Way Bill Fields

  1. Shipper’s name and address.
  2. Consignee’s name and address.
  3. The three-letter code of the origin airport.
  4. The three-letter code of the destination airport.
  5. Declared Value for Carriage Option
  6. Shipment Value for Customs purposes.
  7. Handling Information – to contain any special instructions or notes regarding freight, dims and individual position weight.
  8. Number of Pieces.
  9. Gross weight.
  10. Kilograms (kg) or Pounds (lbs).
  11. Chargeable weight. The actual dimensional weight or weight, whichever is greater.
  12. Rate/Charge -International MAWB only.
  13. Total – International MAWB only.
  14. Nature and quantity of goods, the description of Commodity. This may include dimensions or volume.
  15. Signature of shipper or agent.
  16. Date of signing
  17. Place of signing – three letter code of the gateway.
  18. Signature of issuing carrier or its agent refers to:
  19. Indicate Service Type if Perishable, Priority, or RFS.
  20. to 22. MAWB Number

Major Difference between MAWB and HAWB

Master Air Waybill

• Alliance Air Freight issue MAWB to Mars Freight Bangladesh that called the Master Airway Bill.

• It issued on a pre-printed air waybill form of an issuer carrier.

• Signed by the actual carrier.

• The terms and conditions of the carriage, the consignee may have protection in case the goods damaged or lost in transit.

• it covered by all IATA rules

• MAWB will be tractable on the carrier’s website

• Use only MAWB number.

House Air Waybill
• Airway bill issued by Mars Freight Bangladesh to GSSCP is called as the House Airway Bill-HAWB
• House air waybill without pre-printed identification of the issuing carrier can use to the issuance of the house airwaybill.
• Signed by a forwarder
• The terms and conditions of the forwarding company, the consignee will not be having legal protection in case the goods are damaged or lost in transit.
• HAWB might not be
• HAWB might not
• Use both MAWB and HAWB number.

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